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About Us

Nicole and Amanda established Emerge Therapy Connections in 2014, now called Emerge Social Work. We have a love for the arts and nature and a passion for connecting people with processes that will support, enrich and embrace life.

We are registered providers of focussed psychological services under Medicare and accredited counsellors for NSW Victims Services. We aim to be inclusive and welcoming to members of LGBTQIA+ communities.

We each bring more than 30 years professional counselling experience including in Community Mental Health, University Counselling, Sexual Assault, Chronic Health, Aged Care, Child and Family Services, Teaching and supervisory positions.

At Emerge we focus on you and your experience while appreciating the complexity of life and the context problems arise in. Together we create space to for growth and exploring preferred life directions.

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Emerge Services

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Our practice draws upon a range of evidence-based counselling methods, including Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), somatic/body work, creative therapies, and recent trauma research as well as an appreciation of the influence of social, cultural and political power relations and injustices that play out in relationships and institutions 

Connect to the senses for grounding, restoring, and healing.

Move, create, discover what supports you in your life

Make sense of difficulties, explore new possibilities

Help with the impacts of

depression, anxiety, fear, pain, grief and loss, poor health, past trauma, domestic violence, childhood trauma, stress, bullying, social discrimination, body image, adjusting to change

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Emerge group sessions

Breathe, create, move, restore

Gentle movement, let go of stress

Participate in creative sessions to support health and well-being

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Professional supervision
& Training

Clinical supervision for Social Workers and relevant allied health professionals or caseworkers

Supervision and mentoring for social work undergraduate and masters students

Professional development for



               You are capable of more than you realise


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