Referral Pathways


Making an appointment

Sessions are usually for one hour

Doctor referrals

Referral from a GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist referrals with a Mental Health Plan for focussed psychological services.  

You will be eligible for a rebate of $77.80 per session, of up to 10 available per year, with possibility of additional under COVID-19 allowance

Self referred

You can choose to attend sessions without a referral.

Medicare rebates do not apply. Rebates might be available if you are in top cover of Teachers Health, UniHealth or Nurses and Midwife Health.


We can also provide counselling under NDIS if it is part of your NDIS package

Victims of Crime Approved Counselling Scheme

Free counselling is available to victims of crimes of personal violence in NSW, either recent or historical. The fee is set and covered by Victims Services.

Check their website or call them to see if you are eligible:



Professional supervision and training is offered to individuals, groups and organisations, including external supervision for social work students
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